19 October, 2017

The Mystery Behind the Death of a Nurse Who Falsely Accused Her Dad of Running a Satanic Cult and Getting Her Pregnant in ‘Ritual’ Rape

The Sun


18 October 2017

Family of Carole Myers Can Apply for a Fresh Inquest

The Attorney General’s Office


12 October, 2017

What Made Them Falsely Accuse their Dads of Sex Abuse? How These Women’s Claims were Prompted by Controversial ‘Regression’ Therapy

The Daily Mail


7 October, 2017

Why Resurgence of Therapy that Unearths ‘Lost’ Memories is Risky

New Scientist


29 February, 2016

Satan in Suburbia

The Sun

(Note: this article has since been archived by the newspaper.)

Article extracts from the BFMS website:

Satan in Suburbia


1 October, 2015

Satanic Sex Abuse Claims ‘Were a Myth’, Nurse’s Family Tells Inquest

Daily Telegraph


30 September, 2015

Nurse Died After Claiming she was Sexually Abused by Satanic Cult, Inquest Told

Evening Standard


July 13, 2015

The Legacy of Implanted Satanic Abuse ‘Memories’ is Still Causing Damage Today

The Conversation

13 July 2005

Also: A Past That Never Was: Implanted Memories Still Cause Damage Today

Science 2.0


14 December, 2014

High Court to Grant Landmark Inquest into Nurse Death Mystery

Originally published by The Big Issue in the North 


16 November, 2014

Exaro News is Playing a Dangerous Game with its Paedophile Murder Story



9 February, 2014

The Women Brainwashed by Therapists to Believe Their Parents Abused Them

Daily Mail


11 December, 2011

The Mystery of Carol Myers

The Observer


20 June, 2011

Sunday Times Article – ‘Satanic Abuse Claims Doomed Our Girl’

The Sunday Times