Campaign Objectives

To gain access to the emergency 999 telephone call made by Dr Fleur Fisher to the Metropolitan Police on the 29th June 2005

In this telephone call Dr Fisher states that Carol has taken a suspected drug overdose.  Dr Fisher was approximately 200 miles away from Carol’s flat when she made this telephone call.  Access to this telephone call would answer many questions that my family has in relation to Carol’s death.  How could Dr Fisher know that Carol had taken a suspected drug overdose?  Why was the suspected overdose not mentioned at all in the inquest into Carols death?  Why has the Metropolitan Police repeatedly refused access to this telephone call for six years?  What could possibly be in the call that cannot be heard by my family? No other bereaved family is ever denied access to a 999 call involving the death of a close relative, by any police force in the country.  Why is our bereaved family treated differently than every other bereaved family?

Update: (On 27 November 2011),  After six years of repeated refusals the Metropolitan Police have finally provided a Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) of the emergency 999 phone call Dr Fisher made, at 3.14 pm, on the 29th June 2005 to the Metropolitan Police, directly in relation to Carol’s death. This CAD of the phone call was secured by Andrew Stunnell MP via the Directorate of Legal Services in New Scotland Yard. The following extracts are recorded by the Metropolitan Police Operator in the CAD:

  • Dr Fisher stated that she ”is a friend of Carole Myers. She has serious concerns that female may have taken an overdose of drugs.” This suspected overdose was not mentioned at Carol’s inquest – which took place on 12 August 2005.
  • Dr Fisher further stated in this call that ”Female will be in bedroom which is in the rear of the property.”
  • At 5. 17 pm Dr Fisher made a further call to the Operator from the Metropolitan Police. The Computer Aided Dispatch records the following information: ”She has asked me if the person is deceased. I have not told her anything. She asks that she can speak directly to Inspector Rogers and she states that his mobile number was given to her. She believes that she knows what this is all about and that the dead person was in a depressive state and she may have taken her own life… She said she would be sitting down if I wanted to give her bad news…”
  •  The CAD additionally records that, when asked to disclose her home address, Dr Fisher did not ”furnish this information.”

The Prosecution of Dr Fleur Fisher

Dr Fleur Fisher was not named in a will, she did not go through probate, she did not have power of attorney to represent Carol, she was not the personal representative of Carol, Dr Fisher had no authority from the Court of Protection who are the public body specifically set up to represent the legal rights of the mentally ill, she had no legal entitlement to represent Carol in any capacity whatsoever.  Dr Fisher took all of Carol’s possessions from her flat including her car.  That is theft.  Dr Fisher told the Coroner’s Office and the Metropolitan Police that Carol did not have a family – that is a blatant lie and is perverting the course of justice.  Dr Fisher has been aware that Carol had a family since 1985.  Dr Fisher was only stopped from cremating Carol less than 24 hours before the cremation was due to take place.  To falsify cremation forms or to knowingly allow the Coroner’s Office to do so by falsely stating that Carol did not have a family is a criminal offence under the Cremation Act.  We want Dr Fisher to be prosecuted within the law, and by the law, for attempting to cremate Carol, perverting the course of justice, and theft.

To obtain a factual narrative of the circumstances of Carol’s death

We want to know all of the circumstances of how Carol died.  Carol died on the 29th June 2005; we were not informed of Carol’s death by the Coroner’s office until the 14th July 2005, more than two weeks later.  We want an explanation of all of the events that occurred and decisions that were made in relation to Carol’s death during the period that we were not notified of Carol’s death. In particular we want an explanation of how the Metropolitan Police determined that Carol’s death was non- suspicious.  There is no estimated time of death for Carol – why?  Carol was found dead, partially clothed, surrounded by extensive medication, yet sexual assault was not even considered, and suicide by drugs overdose was ruled out immediately, without waiting for the results of toxicology tests.  Also Dr Fisher rang the Metropolitan Police to report Carol as taking a suspected drug overdose.  Neither Dr Fisher, nor the suspected drug overdose, were mentioned at the inquest. We would never have found out about this suspected drug overdose if we had not applied for the ambulance call-out sheets in 2010, five years after Carol had died.  There is also the problem of Dr Fisher making the 999 call on the 29th June 2005, yet when the police arrive at Carol’s flat, Carol had been dead for some considerable time, probably from the day before the 28th June 2005.  How can Dr Fisher be making an emergency 999 call on the 29th June reporting a suspected drug overdose if Carol had actually died on the 28th June 2005?  Did she know that Carol was dead before she made the call?