British False Memory Society

Key UK organisation for understanding false memories derived from recovered memory therapy. Presents comprehensive scientific evidence demolishing the claims for accuracy of false memories.


Dysgenics Report

Doug Mesner’s blog on the claims of mind control and recovered memories.


Memory & Justice

Up-to-date information about recovered memories, repressed memories, therapeutic malpractice, legal issues, scientific research and related topics.


Process Website

A blog on brain washing, false memories and psychotherapy.


Sub-culture Alternatives Freedom Foundation (S.A.F.F.)

A not for profit organisation supporting freedom of thought and religious tolerance. Critically analyses the irrational obsession with suppressing alternative viewpoints outside the agenda of the mainstream press.


Nathan Zamprogno Blog – The appalling story of how Nathan lost his wife to a cult which believes in Recovered Memory/Satanic Ritual Abuse. On the 2nd November 2011, Nathan made a speech at Australian Parliament House, Camberra which detailed his story.  (2nd video down – near the bottom of the blog). We strongly recommend the viewing of this video to anyone who has an interest in Recovered Memories/Satanic Ritual Abuse.